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How to post

How to make a post on this site.

go to the section you would like to post in for this example we are going to use the home section click the word of the section you should now see something like this

click the NEW TOPIC BUTTON as shown here

now you should see something like this

Add your subject ( this is what everyone will see as the title of your post) for this post we are going to add this Bathroom Vanity Light 32% OFF

now in the lower section put the info just like you would write an emailBathroom Vanity Light32% OFF
Code: GZ5O73FL
Expiration Date: 2019-8-4 23:59

There is no need to anything fancy as links are clickable when posted.
now you can add an image if you wish there are 3 options for this

1) click the image icon and insert the image URL between the code like this

2) Use the button below the post and upload to that server which should insert into your post at the bottom like this 


3) at the bottom you will some options select Attachments then click to choose the  image to upload then click add file you will see like this the file was added. after submit this option adds the image at the bottom of the post and shows when posts are shared.

now click preview to see how your post looks or submit.

after you submit a post staff will check to make sure your post follows the groups rules and approve edit or remove.

Congratulations you made a post.
now you can share this post across social media