50% OFF TEAMYO Hairdressing Scissors Set

50% OFF TEAMYO Hairdressing Scissors Set

Ends - 2020.4.27
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* Perfect fit for hand shape: The grip hole of hairdressing scissors has the best size, suitable for large and small hands.* Ergonomic handle: The streamlined grip meets ergonomic requirements, and it will not feel tired for a long time, and it will not hurt your fingers.*If you want healthy and clean hair, use professional hairdressing scissors to trim it. In a hair salon, this is a must, but in private homes, professional hair clippers should also be used to cut and trim beards independently. Especially when thinning and styling hair, professional and precise thinning scissors must be used. This hairdressing scissors with flat shears + dental shears + comb, more convenient for haircuts.* Fit: It is safe and you can use it easily with your family: men, women, the elderly, children, babies and even pets can use it! It is also ideal for professional hairdressers and hairdressers.* Made of high-quality stainless steel--stainless steel hairdressing scissors--it will realize your dream of becoming a professional hairdresser! Cutting bangs / thinning for yourself, family haircuts, and child baby haircuts are very suitable, and it is also recommended for junior hairdressers This series of scissors.

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